The Dream Catcher Balloon Program will allow challenged individuals to be inspired and lift their spirits by experiencing the joy of flying in a hot air balloon tethered 25' above the ground so that family, friends, and caregivers can share in the joy as well. The Dream Catcher Balloon Program is a specially built, two seated hot air balloon which will allow challenged individuals to feel EMPOWERED to overcome obstacles.


The Dream Catcher Balloon Program provides new possibilities to dream and is a new avenue which invites those who could never imagine an uplifting experience to renew their spirit. Through the creation of community events that bring value and service, a stronger community will be formed. And through education, their dream of flight will be fulfilled.


Chrysalis and the Dream Catcher Balloon Program is more than an aircraft for those in wheelchairs. It has become a vehicle to uplift and support individuals with many special needs. . . physical, mental, and spiritual. It is also a wonderful avenue to educate the public and bring about changes in public awareness and community involvement.



The possibilities of bringing joy to challenged individuals are endless...it takes just our IMAGINATION to make it real.

Now that your mind can see our purpose in life, IMAGINE this specially equipped hot air balloon...a uniquely small, lighter than air ship capable of being inflated in most parking areas, hospitals, care facilities, kids camps, or backyards. It takes a community of volunteers to make this happen...and it will happen. Our DREAM is to put a Dream Catcher aircraft and team of like minded individuals within the reach of a challenged individual throughout the world and provide a unity of spirit.


There is no investment better than saving the life of a lost spirit. Share our Dream. Get to know our purpose.

We are a Community and our goal is to raise awareness and spirits, to educate, and to create joy. Share the journey. Contribute with body, mind, and spirit to a unique vision of hope.

Gift for Holidays Print

New Donation is excellent Gift for the Holidays. We have 100 signed and numbered prints originally painted in 1983 from Alaskan artist Ray Watkins. For your donation of $111 each we will send this beautiful Alaskan tundra hot air balloon 26"x20" unframed print to you via parcel post. Specify how many you want.

Payment via the PayPal link on our website www.DreamCatcherBalloon.org or contact us direct. 100% of your donation goes to Chrysalis and the Dream Catcher Program which gives wings to special needs.

What a great way to give and receive this season. Thank you.

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