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IMAGINE... a specially equipped hot air balloon – a two seated ultralight capable of being inflated in most parking areas or backyards which sits on “legs” high enough to wheel a chair out the front door and ready to transfer a disabled individual for flight, strapped in for a thrill they will never forget.   

Bottom End of Dream Catcher Balloon

IMAGINE JOY!...as these individuals are transported one by one into the heavens on a line, lifting their spirits to greater joy and freedom.  Freedom from the wheelchair they leave behind and watch from dangling feet. 
This is the feeling of EMPOWERMENT… to overcome challenges, confront obstacles, and conquer adversity.  Transformed from a cocoon state to spread their wings and soar…now they are free and feeling the amazing sensationof flight.  And below, family and friends witness in uttermost delight while they share this amazing journey to the sky. 

A Hug goes a long way.That is our DREAM with Chrysalis Foundation…to bring to life the Dream Catcher Balloon Program which will enable disabled and wheelchair bound individuals a chance to fly and lift their spirits.  This is our DREAM…to educate the public to see that just because someone is bound to a chair, does not make them without hopes and dreams.  As individuals, life should be filled with joy.

The Dream Catcher Balloon is A new avenue to openingly invite those who could never IMAGINE an uplifting experience to renew their spirit, Julie

An educational tool to bring about community awareness for the disabled and those with special needs,

An idea whose creation of community events which bring value and service that will form a stronger community.

If you know:
A child riddled with disease slowly loosing the fight.
An adolescent born with a birth defect which renders them unable to voice their thoughts,
An individual whose accident led to the removal of limbs, sensations, and the loss of spirit,
An adult crippled by time and medical complications,
A senior who is too tired from life's journey and has lost that spark...
Contact us and let's give them a lift! 


Our Mission is simple:

Our Goals are Amazing!

Donations are needed

We have taken the term "disabled" from our way of thinking.  We choose to use "other-abled". 

We Dream to allow special needs and "other-abled" individuals to feel EMPOWERED to Overcome Challenges.

We Dream to bring people higher and build them up in order to confront obstables, and conquer adversity. 

We Dream to provide a tool to bring about community awareness for the "other-abled".

The Dream Catcher Balloon Program is geared towards one thing...bringing joy with a unique aircraft...a two seated hot air balloon.  It is with great joy that after two years of thinking the impossible...the opportunity is finally available to "lift" the spirit of those who are earthbound through no fault of their own.

It takes a community of volunteers to make this happen...and it will happen one state at a time until we have encompassed the world with a unity of spirit. 


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IMAGINE the thrill of being carried on the wings of a butterfly…The Chrysalis Foundation, a Nonprofit 501(3) Corporation is ready to catch those Dreams and Bring Joy and Inspiration to special needs and "other-abled" individuals.

Dream Catcher Balloon Program 


Chrysalis Foundation/Dream Catcher Balloon Program - P.O. Box 785, Carlsborg, WA  98324 - (360) 270-4768 - Dreamer@nwplace.com

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